Finally after constant inquiries and the clear overwhelming demand for access to the all new, BIG BAD BRONZE snare, the time has come where you can get your hands on this new 100% brass snare line at a price unheard of anywhere! The new Big Bad Bronze snare was officially released at this year's NAMM show and was an instant success with skeptics, vendors, drum reviewers and enthusiasts and we are finally ready to make this new snare available to the masses, BUT FIRST we are making it available to you! The best part though is the price...we are offering this snare for ONLY $199 (you aren't going to find a brass snare for that price even at the big box stores...and especially not with die cast hoops and such a unique finish)...this drum line was road tested through all of 2009 on tour with LADY GAGA and a few other select artists who all raved about the night-after-night durability and consistency!
How long will it take for me to receive my snare?
The new snares are due in here in a couple of months and expected at some point between May-June at which point they will be shipped out to customers who are lucky enough to get one on this order.
What is the total cost of the snare?
The snare itself if $199...there is Ca sales tax and shipping of $35 (USA shipping) which makes the grand total "shipped to your door" price $250.42. If you are located outside the USA, the cost for freight will be calculated during checkout.
Is the drum bronze or brass?
The shell is an "Aged Bronze Finish" over brass. The shell itself is made of 1.2 mm thickness, rolled brass. This thing is not only very heavy, but also sounds so sweet you won't believe it.
What kind of heads are on it?
The heads are fantastic on this snare...they are a coated REMO 2-Ply UT top with a reverse dot (almost exactly like an Emperor X Coated), and a standard single ply, clear snare weight resonant. The head combination on this snare is literally "ready-to-go". We designed this head combination to sound amazing and it does...right out of the box!
What kind of throw-off and wires are included?
The throw off is our Mono Swing/Cast throw-off and features a nylon snare wire strap for ultimate durability and precision snare adjustment. There is micro-adjustment fine-tuning as well to help you get the perfect buzz adjust you are looking for. The wires are 20 strand, pro-coil wires that are about as high quality as it comes. This snare is equip with the best, upgraded features (and again) literally blows all the competition out of the us, you won't believe you got a snare of this quality at this price!
So are the hoops really die cast?
Absolutely. These hoops are probably one of our favorite aspects of this snare. The hoops are so durable and "meaty" you will get insanely accurate tuning and dead-on durability...and again, nobody offers a snare at this price point let alone with die cast won't find a better deal for a better snare!
How long do I have to order?
Well, we are doing a limited release of this brand new snare line which means we are only ordering a limited this case a mere 25. These won't last, so if you want one, you should order online immediately or call us and order as soon as possible or you run the risk of the opportunity being gone. We currently are not stocking this snare so these are the only ones available at this if you want one you need to act right away or forever hold your peace!
How Do I order and ensure I get one of these snares?
You can ORDER ONLINE SECURLEY HERE or you can phone us at (916) 652-8053 and speak to an artist rep who can take your order over the phone. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get your hands on the new Big Bad Bronze!


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