About Shine Drums

Founded in 2005, Shine Custom Drums & Percussion has always been about crafting the finest custom-built, pro-grade percussion instrumentation. We always asked, what makes a custom drum company successful in the very crowded custom drums business? We believe the answer to this question is quite simple...offer a product that is reliable, better built than the competitor's, and give artists and customers the kind of treatment you would give to your family or close friends. It seems like a simple concept yet it is why Shine Drums is the fastest growing and most sought after custom drum manufacturer today. 

As a company Shine separates itself from all of its competition by offering amazing prices on a product that features all of the hi-end accoutrements that you would expect from a manufacturer offering drums at 2 or 3 times the price, yet is still affordable for even the most budget oriented artist. Shine drums start at "upgraded" and go up from there. Whether you want a basic 3-piece or a massive 9-piece "monster", every kit gets the same quality hardware and treatment...you get that Shine sound at every budget range, guaranteed. With standard features like die cast claws and lugs, to thread locked hardware and inner-shell conditioning on every drum, you will not find a product with as many upgrades and "add-ons" included on every kit offered by any other company. We never cut corners or sacrifice quality to increase revenues and push as many kits through every month that we can. Your drums are a product of care and devotion to making the best drums possible.

In this industry it all comes down to the quality of your product, the dedication of your customer/artist relations and the ability to continue to push the limits of what is possible in percussion. We are dedicated to being the drum company you want to play for and we will continue to build drums that sound better, look better and demand to be heard every night, at every sound check and every crucial show!
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