The following features are included as "STANDARD" on drum kits and snare drums we manufacture. For questions about our standard features please feel free to contact us.

Shine Drums only uses the highest grade ply, bent, acrylic and metal shells available today in a number of different wood species and metals. Our standard ply shells are 6 ply for toms, 8 ply for kicks and 10 ply for snares. We also have the ability to make hybrid, veneer shells and a wide variety of ply modifications to get artists the exact tones they need.

DSS & ISO Free Floating Mounting Systems:
We offer DSS (Drum Suspension System) mounting hardware as standard hardware on all kits (a kit consists of 2 or more drums and must include a bass drum). The DSS mounting system suspends each tom by the rods to ensure full resonation of the drum without the hindrance to sound by "fixed" hardware on the shell. In addition, we also offer the suspended cradle system for floor toms as an included option and alternative to standard "fixed" legs.
ThreadLOCK Internal Screw Locking:
Every drum built at Shine Drums, comes standard with our ThreadLOCK internal screw locking. An "industry first", this revolutionary product is applied to ever internal screw on every Shine drum to mitigate screw loosening due to heavy touring and hard hitting! If you are tired of having to take your heads off and replace loosened screws, then a Shine kit or snare is definitely for you! 
Inner-Shell Conditioning & Seasoning:
To enhance the longevity and sound of our shells, Shine Drums hand treats every drum shell and edge with our own proprietary wood conditioner. The conditioning treatment keeps your shells in top condition now and for generations to come by locking the natural moisture in the wood and also providing a barrier against excess moisture that can cause ply delamination.


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